Amber Hardy

Amber Hardy


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer


I grew up participatnig in gymnastics and swimming. I wanted to continue staying strong without my sport involvement, but wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about it. When living in Houston in 2015, I was scrolling on Groupon and bought my first CF package! Haven’t been able to break from the CF community since!

I love being a part of individuals functional fitness growth and coaching allows just that. Watching people get stronger and develop new skills from hard work and dedication is truly something special.

I love a good back squat and overhead squat day! Coaching a traditional squat is my fave. It is such a standard, essential movement in life that is required throughout the day countless times. Learning to do this correctly sets you up for less risk of injury in activities of daily living and we all want to live life injury free!

Snatches are also fun to teach because they’re so technical and advanced, which typically makes people feel like a legit cross fitter!

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