Sam Dwenger

Sam Dwenger


  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer


I played many different sports growing up. While football was always my best, I also played baseball and basketball. When I got to high school I took up wrestling, and also ran the 110 and 300 hurdles for our track team.

I got into CrossFit in high school as a way to improve my weightlifting. As I progressed and learned other movements I found that it helped me in many different areas, and it helped me become a better all around athlete.

I decided to become a coach, because I love people who have goals and are seeking to improve themselves on any level. CrossFit has a way of attracting these kind of people, and I’ve found it very rewarding to get to be a part of that journey for others and help them reach their goals.

My favorite movements as an athlete are the Olympic lifts (snatch/clean and jerk), but also handstand walks and anything on rings.

My favorite movements to coach are anything involving pull-ups or gymnastics. The Kip swing is often an essential but difficult movement for many beginning cross fitters and helping someone master it is always a good feeling!

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