Renee Gerardo

Renee Gerardo


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer


I am a lifelong athlete, coach, dancer and teacher. I have competed in and completed 3 Ironman triathlons including the World Championship in Kona in 2011 as well as many Half-Ironman distances that led to the World Championships in Clearwater Florida in 2009. In training for this type of event I raced many half marathons, marathons, and trail races. I became a USAT Level 1 coach, a USA Cycling Level 3 coach and was part of the inaugural coaching staff for The North Face Endurance Challenge trail run series. My extensive knowledge from teaching coaching athletes of all levels paired with an M.A. in Exercise Physiology allows for an integrative experience for anyone who runs or is looking to feel better running. I believe in meeting each person where they are and supporting them to move toward their own potential.

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